General Terms and Conditions of Providing Translation Services via the website

General provisions

  1. The General Terms and Conditions of Providing Translation Services hereinafter referred to as Terms of Use, determine general cooperation conditions between the translators who provide their services via the website, hereinafter referred to as TSL Translators, and business entities or natural persons who run a business, hereinafter referred to as Clients, with regard to services provided by the TSL Translators to the Client.
  2. The subject of services provided by the TSL Translators within the framework of their businesses and regulated by the provisions of the Terms of Use is providing translation or proofreading of translated documents, hereinafter referred to as Commission.
  3. Services under the Terms of Use will be provided by the TSL Translators with due diligence, according to the standards and practices accepted on the market.
  4. The TSL Translators provide their services on weekdays, from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.
  5. Communication with the Client is maintained in Polish, English or German.

Submitting an order

  1. The TSL Translators provide their services only by email. Therefore all Commissions should be forwarded to the following email addresses:
    1. – in the case of translations from Polish to English and English to Polish,
    2. – in the case of translations from Polish to German and German to Polish.
    3. via the form available on the SUBMIT ORDER page.
  2. In exceptional cases it is possible to give the Commission personally. If this is the case, the Client is obliged to sign a document which confirms the Commission has been received and/or the documents to be translated have been submitted.
  3. In order to receive a reply to the enquiry relating to the possibility of giving the Commission on the same day, the enquiry should be sent by 3.30 pm. Otherwise, the reply will be given on the following working day. In the case of fast turnaround Commissions, which are supposed to be fulfilled on the same day, the Commission should be submitted by 10 am. Otherwise, the fulfilment of such a Commission will be postponed until the following working day.
  4. Details of the translation, completion date and price will be established under the procedure of giving a Commission.
  5. In order to finish the Commission and issue the invoice due the Client who gives the Commission is obliged to provide the TSL Translators with details including the Client’s First Name and Family Name, name of the business or institution which the Client represents, post and email addresses of the business or institution, phone number and VAT number.
  6. In the event of necessary application of specialized terminology in the translation the Client is obliged to provide the TSL Translators with an appropriate glossary or explanations with regard to the required terminology. However, if the glossary or explanations are not provided, the TSL Translators reserve the right to use proper terminology which may be different from the Client’s requirements.
  7. The Commission is regarded as approved for fulfilment after its bilateral acknowledgement is provided. In the case of Commissions which are paid for in advance (see Article 4, section 6 of the Terms of Use), the Commission is accepted either after the amount due is paid into the account indicated by the TSL Translator or a document, e.g. a PDF file or a scan confirming this payment is produced. If remuneration for translation or an advance or confirmation of the advance or payment for translation does not arrive by the following day, the Commission will be cancelled.
  8. If the Client gives the Commission, it means all the provisions of the Terms of Use in the current wording are approved.
  9. The TSL Transators are not obliged to determine if the person giving the Commission is entitled to act on behalf of the Client, unless the Client informs the TSL Translators that the particular persons are not authorized to commission services on their behalf.
  10. The TSL Translators reserve the right to reject the Commission if:
    1. the Commission has not been forwarded from the official email address of a business or institution.
    2. there is no possibility to do translation within the time limit expected by the Client;
    3. the TSL Translators are on holiday or a sick leave.
    4. the Client does not fulfil their obligation to pay for the previously ordered translations despite being sent reminders about it;
    5. texts to be proofread are translated with translation software;
    6. documents to be translated are in very bad condition and/or are illegible;
    7. materials to be translated include texts which are against the law or are inconsistent with good practice.

Commission fulfilment

  1. The TSL Translators will begin doing translation on the day following the day the Commission is received and from this day onwards the completion date of the Commission will be determined, unless the TSL Translators establish other conditions with the Client or in the event of fast translation turnaround. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will not be included in the time period prior to the completion date.
  2. If the Client makes two changes to the way the the Commission in progress is to be fulfilled, the TSL Translators reserve the right to postpone the completion date appropriately and/or receive an extra payment for the Commission or reject its fulfilment.
  3. The TSL Translators reserve the right to reject the Commission for convenience, on the condition it will take place not later than one working day from the day on which the Client confirms the Commission. If this is the case the TSL Translators are not deemed to be liable for damages suffered by the Client.
  4. The Client may cancel the Commission only in writing by way of sending an appropriate email to the proper email address. If the Client cancels the Commission in progress, he or she will bear the cost of translation in relation to the amount of source text translated prior to the cancellation of the Commission. The Client will receive part of the translation done before the Commission is cancelled. In the case of translations designated for certification (sworn translation), the Client will receive part of the translation done before the Commission is cancelled in the form of a standard translation.
  5. If the text of the Commission does not include the time of translation completion, it is assumed that the translation will be delivered to the Client at their email address on the day on which the completion date of the Commission is due, but not later than at 5 pm.
  6. If applicable, the TSL Translators reserve the right to arrange with the Client a completion date which is different to the one approved on the day the Commission is received (e.g. because of an additional necessity to verify the text). If this is the case the TSL Translators will inform the Client about the possibility of a delay as well as what it is caused by and suggest a new completion date before the previously agreed completion date is due. The Client is obliged to confirm their acceptance of a new completion date in writing by sending an email to the proper email address. If the Client does not send such a confirmation or express their objection, it is assumed they accept a new completion date on a tacit consent basis.
  7. The TSL Translators may also undertake making a translation under the terms which vary from these Terms of Use. Determination of separate rules governing fulfilment of a given Commission will be in the form of a separate written agreement.

Settlement and payment

  1. The Client is obliged to pay the TSL Translator remuneration for the fulfilment of the Commission and return other costs covered by the TSL Translator with regard to the fulfilment of the Commission.
  2. The standard (uncertified) translation page includes 1800 characters including spaces, but the certified translation (sworn translation) page includes 1125 characters including spaces. In both cases the sources text is a basis for settlement.
  3. The minimum commission quantity is one page. The subsequent standard translation pages will be settled with a half a page accuracy, however, certified translations will be settled with one page accuracy.
  4. The prices for one page of standard and certified translation are determined on a case-by-case basis and depend on the length of the text, level of its complexity, completion date, amount of work necessary to process documents (e.g. conversion and edition of uneditable files, illegible text, handwritten text, images, proper presentation of the text), requirement to perform additional edition of the translated text, etc. The fast turnaround payment is increased by additional 50% of the standard translation price. The total price of translation will also include the cost of delivery by post or an express mail provider.
  5. The standard turnaround means 5 translation pages a day, but the fast turnaround is either for translations required on the day they are commissioned or translations of up to 9 translation pages a day.
  6. Remuneration for the completion of translation will be settled:
    1. in advance before the translation work is commenced (in the case of small Commissions, i.e. up to 3.5 translation pages).
    2. by way of paying an advance of 35% of the translation price before the translation work is commenced and payment of the remaining part of the translation price after the translation is completed and sent to the Client (in the case of big Commissions, i.e. containing more than 4 translation pages).
    3. monthly, on the basis of the invoices issued for the translations done in a given month (in the case of regular cooperation, i.e. on the basis of the translation services agreement)
  7. In the case of Commissions preceded by payment of an advance (the remaining part of the amount paid after the Commission is finished) and Commissions finished within regular cooperation the time limit for payment of remuneration for completed translations is 14 days.
  8. It is only after the whole remuneration amount for translation is paid that the Client will obtain the author's economic rights for completed translation.


  1. The TSL Translators will be obliged to nondisclosure with regard to all the information given and made available to them by the Client for the purpose of appropriate Commission completion.
  2. At the Client’s request the TSL Translators may sign a separate agreement or a declaration of nondisclosure.


  1. The TSL Translators will bear no liability for substantive errors in the translation, which result from the errors in the original text.
  2. The TSL Translators will bear no liability for damages suffered by the Client or any other entity, which result from inadequate fulfilment or failure to fulfil the Commission as a result of circumstances on which the TSL Translators have no influence on, including force majeure, computer hardware shut-downs, Internet outage and mobile telecommunications systems failure, power failure, etc.
  3. With the stipulation of the mandatory rules of law relating to consumers, the TSL Translators will bear liability for finishing the Commission only to the amount of payment due for its completion.


  1. Complaints about the finished translation should be made within 14 days of the day on which the translation was delivered. The TSL Translators will respond to the complaint within 3 working days. If within 5 working days after the TSL Translators responded to the complaint the Client does not respond to the reply sent to them, the Client will be deemed to have accepted the TSL Translators’ response.
  2. If the complaint is registered as legitimate, the TSL Translators will delete all the imperfections in the translation within 7 working days.
  3. In principle, if a complaint is made, it has no influence on the completion date and the sum due for the completed translation, unless the Client brings objective evidence that in its substantial part the translation was made imperfectly and the TSL Translators will confirm the imperfections and declare that they have no possibility of removing the imperfections. If this is the case the TSL Translators will reduce payment due by an agreed amount.
  4. The objections made by the Client with regard to the quality of translation must be precise and justifiable. They cannot result from how the text is perceived in terms of style or other subjective preferences and cannot go beyond the conditions of a particular Commission fulfilment.
  5. Complaints can be made about punctuation, grammar, content as well as omissions in translation and parts of the text lost during translation. Complaints cannot be made about the translation style, document layout of the translated document and nomenclature used in the translation (if used correctly).
  6. The Client who commissions a translation subject to fast turnaround accepts the risk of small mistakes, such as typos, resulting from quick completion dates, on which complaints cannot be based on. In this case complaints can be based only on serious substantive errors.

Final provisions

  1. The TSL Translators reserve the right to make amendments to these Terms of Use. Information in relation to any amendment made as well as text of the amended Terms of Use will be published on the website
  2. First, all disputes relating to services provided on the basis of these Terms of Use will be resolved amicably. If a dispute cannot be resolved amicably, a court of venue for resolving the dispute will be the court of the local jurisdiction over the TSL Translators
  3. To all matters not settled herein provisions of the civil code and other mandatory provisions of law will apply.
  4. These Terms of Use are not an offering within the meaning of the Civil Code provisions.
  5. These Terms of Use will become effective on 1 September 2016.

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